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  1. Buddhist Hells – The Northern Tradition 

In this long – overdue study the author focuses not only on the depiction of hell in the Northern Tradition of Buddhism, but also offers new insights on the development of Mahaniraya into the Eight Great Hot Hells. Her thorough – going analysis draws from a broad range of scriptural sources, including Agamas, cosmologies, exegetical texts and meditation manuals.

This vivid and comprehensive account of Buddhist hells is accompanied by a valuable translation (the first ever made into English) of The Scriptural Texts about Niraya (T. 86) and a glossary of Chinese and Japanese terms.


  1. Outlining the Way to Reflect 

First volume in Buddhist Studies series. The text is of Mahasaghika (Mahayana) affiliation, and fits in the constant rivalry between Mahasaghikas and Sthaviras, mainly Sarvastivadins, in the Gandharan cultural area. The text explains the then (nine plus one) stages of meditation, from developing friendliness (maitrí) via Buddhanusmçti to visualization of Amitayus, as Amitãbha was called in South China at the time. The Samadhi of the Lotus of the Law, urging us to practice well, concludes the whole process.

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