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Organization & Governance

Permanently Recognized by University of Mumbai (College Code No: 679) as a Post Graduate Research Institute:


 K.J.Somaiya Centre for Buddhist studies conducts its activities under the over all direction of its Governing Council which includes distinguished scholars from within India and outside India for guidance and seek their approval for applying to various Government grants for Research Projects both national and International collaborations be undertaken  in regard to project importance, long term direction including budget on the guidelines of Ministry Of Human Resource Development which is the nodule  ministry for our institute.

For academic guidelines, the Institute has constituted a Local Managing Council/ Committee as per the guidelines of the University of Mumbai.


The institute also has constituted an Advisory Council for over all academic guidance which includes distinguished academic scholars from various branches of Buddhist Studies from within India and abroad. The Council reviews academic programme advice on new academic programmes of the institute.


The day to-day academic activities are supervised by the Director of the Institute. The Director in consultation with the academic faculties of the institute as well with guidelines of the Hon. Professors associated with the institute / Research Guides recognized by University of Mumbai carries out the long term planning, faculty development and building up relationship with other academic bodies.


Director with support system from the faculty both teaching and non-teaching looks after all administrative and academic matters relating to the institute progress.

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